Through the Streets and Other Adventures by Annette Peterson

Through the Streets and Other Adventures by Annette Peterson

25 Feb – 19 March

Award-winning artist Annette Peterson takes you on a journey through your local suburb and beyond as in a painting itself. Through the Streets & Other Adventures investigates the everyday suburban drive, as a painted version of the moving image from a passenger’s point of view.

There are over 280 paintings as part of the exhibition that make up four stop-motion films. Each film emulates a “Live” option from an Apple iOS smartphone, where individual paintings replace the digital film stills to create a painted rendition of reality.

One of the series exhibited, Shotgun Through Scarborough, was the overall winner of the 2021 Stirling Art Award and was showcased in the 2021 Bunbury Biennale (WA). Through the Lights and Through the Streets were exhibited in the 2020 and 2021 City of Joondalup Invitation Art Award (WA) respectfully. Through the Trees was a finalist in the Inaugural 2021 Lethbridge Landscape Award (Qld) and a finalist in the 2021 LA Film Festival (USA).

Each series offers a glimpse of the suburban drive in different weather conditions from full sun to post-rain, captured at various times of the day, set in real-time. Begin to notice everyday moments in your drive. Take the time to see.

To be opened by Sandra Murray, Artist Director/Lead Curator, Sculpture at Bathers.

Annette Peterson -Through the Trees