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TAMI XIANG – Picture This

TAMI XIANG – Picture This

6 – 24 July     
TAMI XIANG – Picture this

Xiang is a Perth based Chinese-Australian artist and photography graduate of NMTAFE now undertaking a PhD at UWA. The exhibition brings together conceptual documentary works that look at conditions for Chinese families in the countryside. 61 million ‘Left Behind Children’ are raised by their grandparents or great grandparents while their own parents work in cities sometimes thousands of miles away. Most of these children only see their parents once a year or once every few years.

NüWa Reawakening depicts the social position of women in the ancient male dominant world in China while Peasantography. Lucky 88 addresses the situation of the elderly Chinese farmers in the countryside, who receive 88 RMB a month for living.  Gengzi Witness Archives considers how censorship forces artists to find safe ways to speak about social issues.

meet the artist if you come by saturdays

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