1-18 Feb

Works of excellence by NMTAFE’s best Creative Industries students from 2021 show the fruits of studies in Visual Art, Jewellery, Photography, Graphic, Interior and Product Design, Fashion plus animation/games and screen.

Kokoro Obara (Interior Design), Amy Lucas (Interior Design), Ivan Valenzuela (Interior Design), Nazerul Ben-Dzulkefli (Visual Arts), Davin Ivatts (Visual Arts), Aileen Hoath (Visual Arts), Alena Warm (Jewellery), Jingbo Sheng (Jewellery), Chelsea Wiseman (Jewellery), Tamara Jo Gaunt (Product Design), Craig Williams (Product Design), Alessandro Bianchetti (Photography), Fiona Birt (Photography), Sam Ismail (Photography), Connor Fielder (Fashion), Dimitrije Simic (Fashion), Abbie Farmer (Fashion), Coralie Cameron (Graphic Design), Cassidy North (Graphic Design), Enzo Delyfer (Graphic Design), Lucas Faim (Graphic Design), Ying Pung (Animation), Socheata Tuon (Animation), Jarrad Otten (Animation), Natalia Monroy Chavarro (Animation), Nathan Bothwell (Animation), Brendan Bodeur (Animation), Brody Campbell (Animation), Samuel Cook (Animation), Samuel Foster (Animation), Naw Wonderful (Animation), Hoang Do (Animation)

Jo Gaunt

Cassidy North


Ivan Valenzuela

Jingbo Sheng

Davin Ivatts

Dimitrije Simic