Patagraph\Patagram by Hiroshi Kobayashi

Patagraph\Patagram by Hiroshi Kobayashi

View 10 -15 Dec, hours: 10am – 5pm

NMTAFE Shopfront at 149 Beaufort St, Northbridge


NMTAFE and former PICA artist-in-residence Hiroshi Kobayashi has been scanning readymade and handmade toys in his 3D photobooth for this project, before being painted using his unique Patagraph paint delivery method.

He explains: My practice investigates the idea of time/duration and the perception of depth in painting based on digitised photographic images. The invention and design of my own production equipment form an essential part in the creation of my visual forms. Combining a cutting plotter with a pneumatic (pressurized air) dispenser and needle, I mark out vectorized (computerized) paths for the painting of dots onto canvas. I refer to this unique method as Patagraphy.

Hiroshi permanently migrated to Perth from Japan in 2016. He was awarded the Distinguished Talent Visa. He has an international training and practice having exhibited in Taipei, Seoul, New York, Tokyo, Washington D.C. and Beijing.


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