Revealed Aboriginal artists


Emerging Artists from Western Australia’s Aboriginal Art Centres

Jean Yaritji Lane, Tjitji Kutjara 2012 acrylic on canvas


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Gallery Central in partnership with Department of Culture and the Arts (WA) collaborated on a series of 5 REVEALED projects presenting some of Western Australia’s finest emerging Aboriginal artists in a celebration of the next generation of creative practice from remote and regional areas.

Revealed is an exhibition, marketplace, symposium and professional development program, linking emerging Aboriginal artists and arts centres from across WA with audiences and opportunities in Perth.

Revealed Catalogue 2008

Revealed catalogue 2011

Revealed Catalogue 2013


Artists featured in Revealed represent a diverse range of Aboriginal language groups.

Participating Art Centres:  Bidyadanga Artists, Gwoonwardu Mia, Kayili Artists, Kira Kiro Art Centre, Laverton Leonora Cultural Centre, Mangkaja Arts, Martumili Artists, Maruku Arts, Minyma Kutjara, Mowanjum Artists, Nagula Jarndu, Papulankutja Artists, Roebourne Art Group, Spinifex Hill Artists, Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Tjarlirli Art,  Tjukurba Art Gallery, Warakurna Artists, Warmun Art Centre, Waringarri Arts, Warlayirti Artists, Wirnda Barna Artists, Walkatjurra Cultural Centre, Yamaji Art, Yaruman Arts, Yarliyil Art Centre, Yinjaa Barni Artists, Yulparija Artists


plus locals Desmond Woodley  via DADAA, Katie West, Vanessa Russ, Krocette, Jalaru – Michael Torres and Garry Parker via Gumala Aboriginal Corporation via Artsource

and the now closed: Mungart Boodja,


Artworks can be sourced directly from the websites of these Aboriginal owned Art Centres

Revealed 2011 Martumili basket


Gallery Central at NMTAFE curated and presented the Revealed exhibitions. After 2015, Revealed moved to Fremantle Art Centre where it continues to thrive and share emerging Aboriginal talent with new audiences and offer professional development.


The income and exposure for the Revealed artists develops their art practice and provides a real contribution to regional and remote livelihoods.

Demonstrated career outcomes were many – the best was Mangkaja’s John Prince Siddon invited to do a major solo show for Perth Festival 2020.



Each Revealed a bustling marketplace allowed visitors to buy direct from artists and more than 20 Art Centres. Stacks of bargain-priced paintings, prints, wood and fibre works from across the State were placed in private collections in Perth, Australia and further afield.

The marketplace at the Perth Cultural Centre was a unique opportunity to buy Aboriginal artworks in a friendly, informal atmosphere, complemented by a cultural program of film, music and workshops.

artsworkers Peter & Jennifer from Mangkaja Arts by Carol Seidel

Public Symposium 

Free public symposiums presented a line-up of speakers ranging from key industry figures through to remote area artists, thrashing out some current issues and celebrating the unique artistic achievements and lots of good stories from out bush across the country!

Memorable contributors included artist Sandra Hill, Curators Franchesca Cubillo and Stephen Gilchrist.

Martumili ladies – photo by Carol Seidel

Artsworker Traineeships

A team of trainee Aboriginal artsworkers joined the project to develop their curatorial and management skills, preparing the exhibition, networking across the art sector and helping to host the Revealed event. Aboriginal artsworkers were mentored and played an important role in preparing all the Revealed exhibitions.

2008: Hayley Atkins and Renette Biljabu

2011: Natalie Bidyja of Bidyadanga, Perth artist and graphic designer Debra Bonar alongside Martumili’s Kathleen Sorensen

2013: Betty Bundamurra from Kira Kiro Art Centre, David Weetra of Waringarri, Terry Murray from Mangkaja Arts, Rowna Reid of Papulankutja Artists plus local foodie Timothy Winmar and NMTAFE art student Turid Calgaret.

2015: Rebecca MacNeill, a Martu-Wunmilla woman from Meekathara working with Martumili Artists at Newman, Francine Kickett is a Bibbulmun/Wilman based in Perth,

Hosanna Butt is a young woman of the Nyigina language group from remote Jarlmadangah Burru community, near Derby


Professional Development Program

Around 100 participants travelled to Perth for each Revealed from the 20 Art Centres, mostly in remote communities.  Artists and art centre staff came for the exhibitions and two-day professional development programs, including art workshops and industry development forums.


The PD aimed to provide access to new skills and knowledge, encourage exchange and learning between participants and contribute to a strong, professional network.

Workshops included: fibre, painting, printmaking, life drawing, ceramics, photography and digital media.

Delivered by a range of experienced facilitators, the operational side of the PD program examined key issues in the sector, including pricing, curatorial practice, product diversification and industry development, arts law, copyright, estate planning and financial practice.



Revealed 2013






Revealed artists



Jennifer Ward                        Kayili Artists

Jennifer Ward                        Kayili Artists

Moya Porter                           Kayili Artists

Andrea Pindan                       Mangkaja Arts

Eva Nargoodah                      Mangkaja Arts

Morika Biljabu                       Martumili Artists

Pukina Burton                        Martumili Artists

Debra Thomas                        Martumili Artists

Helen Samson                        Martumili Artists

Yikartu Bumba                       Martumili Artists

Ngamaru Bidu                        Martumili Artists

Kumpaya Girgirba                  Martumili Artists

Selina Kulitja                          Maruku Arts

Veronica Reid                         Maruku Arts

Kirsty Burgu                           Mowanjum Artists

Tarina Burgu                          Mowanjum Artists

Alan Kelly                               Mungart boodja

Charlie Colbung                     Mungart boodja

Anawari Mitchell                   Papulankutja Artists

Maime Butler                         Papulankutja Artists

Pansy Hicks                             Roebourne Art Group

Jill Churnside                          Roebourne Art Group

Jack Alexander                       Roebourne Art Group

Ken Shepherd                        Warakurna Artists

Agnes Armstrong                   Waringarri Arts

Geraldine Nowee                   Warlayirti Artists

Brian Mudgedell                    Warlayirti Artists

Elizabeth Gordon                   Warlayirti Artists

Dora Mungkirna                    Warlayirti Artists

Nellie Njamme                       Warlayirti Artists

Miram Baadjoo                      Warlayirti Artists

Rosie Lala                               Yaruman Arts

Mary Seela                             Yaruman Arts

Allery Sandy                           Yinjaa Barni Artists

Maudie Jerrolde                     Yinjaa Barni Artists

Marlene Harold                      Yinjaa Barni Artists



Revealed 2011 launch with Arts Minister John Day & Krocette CREDIT The Scene Team


Vanessa Russ                          artsource

Emma Louise Nundi              Bidyadanga Artists

Marilyn Bullen                       Bidyadanga Artists

Mervyn Numbagardie            Bidyadanga Artists

Elaine Moncrieff                    Gwoonwardu Mia: Gascoyne

Bonnie Ingram                       Gwoonwardu Mia: Gascoyne

Barry Belotti                           Gwoonwardu Mia: Gascoyne

Krocette                                 Kidogo Art Institute

Mercy Payrrmurra Fredericks           Kira Kiro Kalumburu

Mary Teresa Tailor                 Kira Kiro Kalumburu

Betty Bundamara                  Kira Kiro Kalumburu



Mary Punchi Clement            Kira Kiro Kalumburu

Jack Macale                            Mangkaja Arts

Jeani Rangi                             Mangkaja Arts

Minyawe Miller                      Martumili Artists

Miriam Atkins                        Martumili Artists

Amy French                            Martumili Artists

Baker Lane                              Martumili Artists

Mitchell Biljabu                      Martumili Artists

Theresa Numendumah          Mowanjum

Priscilla Numendumah          Mowanjum

Francis Dolby                          Mowanjum

Sharyn Egan                           Mungart Boodja, Katanning

Jerome Williams                     Mungart Boodja, Katanning

Kimberley Krakouer              Mungart Boodja, Katanning

Carlton Reid                           Papulankutja Artists

Katie Nalgood                        Spinifex Hill Artists

Mungart Boodja                    Spinifex Hill Artists

Philip Hansen                         Spinifex Hill Artists

Winnie Sampi                         Spinifex Hill Artists

Dianne Ungukalpi Golding    Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Dorcas Tinnimai Bennett       Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Annie Farmer                         Tjarlirli

Neil Maxwell                          Tjarlirli

Stacey Petterson                   Tjukurba Gallery, Wiluna

Ken Shepherd                        Warakurna Artists

Kelly-Anne Drill                      Waringarri Artists

Louise Malarvie                      Waringarri Artists

Button Jones                          Waringarri Artists

Benita Everett                        Warmun Art Centre

Blandina Barney                    Warmun Art Centre   

Lorraine Daylight                   Warmun Art Centre

Andrew Binsair                      Wirnda Barna Artists

Ruby McIntosh                       Yamaji Art

Charmaine Green                   Yamaji Art

Stan Brumby                          Yarliyil Art Centre, Halls Creek

Biddy Timbinah                      Yarliyil Art Centre, Halls Creek


2013 artists

Garry Parker                           Banyjim aartist

Maria Hunter                         Bidyadanga Artists

Ailsa Laidlow                          Kayili Artists

Brumby Newberry                 Kayili Artists

Valerie Mangolamara Kira Kiro Kalumburu

Pauline Golding                     Laverton Leonora CC

Phyllis Waye                           Mangkaja Arts

Graham Lands                        Mangkaja Arts

Helen Dale Samson                Martumili Artists

May Chapman                        Martumili Artists

Edna Dale                               Mowanjum Art

Diane Dawson                        Minyma Kutjara

Janet Forbes                           Papulankutja Artists

Jason Butler                            Tjarlirli Art

Eileen Giles                             Tjarlirli Art

Susie Gilbert                           Yulparija Artists

Guni Guni                               Yulparija Artists


Elaine Moncrieff                    Gwoonwardu Mia                   and Jilinbirri Weavers

Marjorie Winmar                   Gwoonwardu Mia

Esma McMahon                     Gwoonwardu Mia

Ann Sibosado                         Spinifex Hill Artists

Dallas Smythe                        Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Narelle Holland                      Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Nancy Nyanyarna Jackson    Warakurna Artists

Jerita Mengil                          Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Ben Ward                               Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

David Lans Mudgedell, Adam Polly, Azman Nanguri           Warlayirti Artists Collective

Beryline Mung                       Warmun Art Centre

Ivy Drill                                   Warmun Art Centre

Frank Walsh Snr                     Wirnda Barna Artists

Charmaine Green                   Yamaji Art

Craig Pickett                           Yamaji Art

Maggie Long                           Yarliyil Art Centre

Lu Lu Trancollino                   Yarliyil Art Centre

Aileen Sandy                          Yinjaa-Barni Art

Marlene Harold                      Yinjaa-Barni Art


John Siddon in qantas mag


Desmond Woodley                DADAA – Midland

Mandy White                         DADAA – Midland

John Prince Siddon                Mangkaja Arts

Daisy Japulija                         Mangkaja Arts

Cyril Whylouter                     Martumili Artists

Cynthia Burke                        Maruku Arts & Crafts

Natalie O’Toole                      Minyma Kutjara

Renae Fox                               Minyma Kutjara

Samantha Allies                     Mowanjum Arts

Kenneth Gibson                     Mowanjum Arts

Caroline Narkle                      Mungart Boodja Art Centre

Errol Eades                             Mungart Boodja Art Centre

Caroline Narkle                      Mungart Boodja Art

Edith Penny                            Mungart Boodja Art Centre

Martha Lee                             Nagula Jarndu

Maxine Charlie                       Nagula Jarndu

Angilyiya Mitchell                  Papulankutja Artists

Cliff Samson                           Roebourne Art Group

Winmati Roberts                   Spinifex Arts Project

Maggie Green                         Spinifex Hill Artists

Biddy Thomas                        Spinifex Hill Artists

Doreen Chapman                   Spinifex Hill Artists

Janet Lane                              Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Sheila Giles                             Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Roma Butler                           Tjanpi Desert Weavers                                  


Elsa Fiona Young                    Tjarlirli Art

Lizzie Ellis                                Tjarlirli Art

Roxanne Anderson                Tjukurba Art Gallery

Kado Muir                              Walkatjurra Cultural Centre

Judith Chambers                    Warakurna Artists

Kristabel Porter                     Warakurna Artists

Imelda Guguman                   Warlayirti Aboriginal Artists

Lady Gordon                          Warlayirti Aboriginal Artists

Gloria Mengil                         Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Kathy Ramsay                        Warmun Art Centre

Evelyn Malgil                          Warmun Art Centre

Margaret Simpson                 Wirnda Barna Artists

Jenny/Sheryl Green               Yamaji Art

Janine Gordon                        Yarliyil Art Centre

Katrina Birrell                         Yarliyil Art Centre

Melissa Sandy                        Yinjaa Barni Art

Dawn Sandy                           Yinjaa Barni Art

Katie West     

Jalaru – Michael Torres         


Barrabarra by Graham Lands, Mangkaja Arts




















marketplace 2015 (photo: Tim Acker)





























The project was initiated and led by by a multidisciplinary team, led by consultant Tim Acker, Thelma John (NMTAFE) and Roz Lipscombe (WA Government) with help from Indigenous artsworkers Gina Williams, Carly Lane, Glenn Iseger-Pilkington, Sharyn Egan, Ron Bradfield Junior, Kezia Dawkins, Michelle Broun, Kathleen Toomath, Hetti Perkins, Kim Collard, Barry McGuire, Katie West, Darren Stockwell, Brett Nannup, Clotilde Bullen, Lee-Anne Buckskin, Genevieve Grieves, Franchesca Cubillo, Kado Muir, Stephen Gilchrist, Sandra Hill, Jeanette Macaulay Bott.

With contributions by many but especially Robyn Ayres (Arts Law), Predrag Delibasich, Tim Pearn, Carly Davenport, Susan Congreve Eva Fernandez, Ricky Arnold, Elizabeth Spencer, Linda Tavelli, Christine Scoggin, Emilia Galatis, Joanna Robertson (Kidogo Art Institute), Mark Stewart (Murdoch University), Helen Carroll (Wesfarmers), John Stanton, Barbara Bynder, Evelyn Chaloupka, Kelly Rowe, Sandy Toussaint, Natalie Hewlett and Fiona Gavino, Berndt Museum, UWA), Erin Coates (FAC), Tom Muller (PSAS), Jenny Scott, Rebecca McNeill, Leigh Robb (PICA), Brian Tucker, Catherine Peattie, Monique Curby-Bosshart, Bo Wong, Julia Anwar-McHenry, Gabrielle Sullivan, Indigenous Art Code, Rhonda Dick, Laura Taylor Tjala Arts, Erub Erwer Meta Darnley Island Arts Centre, Joshua Gelmi, Justine Lawler, Silvia Ferolla.

And Duncan Ord, founding father of Revealed.


Revealed was produced in partnership with the Department of Culture and the Arts and supported by the Department of Indigenous Affairs and the Federal Government through the Office of The Arts and funded variously by the Department of Indigenous Affairs, the Australian Government through the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program and North Metropolitan TAFE, with support from the MRA, the Art Gallery of WA, the WA Museum and the State Library of WA.