Upcoming shows

Upcoming shows

12 – 20 May 

2017 AIPP Western Australian Epson Professional Photography Awards

Award winning images from WA members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography including the WA Professional Photographer of the Year


Aaron Dowling, 2016 WA Professional Photographer of the Year


30 May – 17 June


Best 2016 graduates from across our Creative Industries – the shiniest stars of Visual Arts and Jewellery, Photography, Fashion, Product Design, Graphics, Interiors plus Screen.

Charmaine Ball, Interplay Pink, 2016 NM TAFE ART COLLECTION


8 – 17 June

Super Nature by Ned Reilly and Sharon White

Exploring the mechanics of the Anthropocene and our expectations of the natural world – Ned repurposes imagery while Sharon has collected insect samples and field recordings.


Sharon White, Cicada


Mid June 

Brendan Van Hek and Consuelo Cavaniglia are artists in residence. Van Hek is Turner Galleries’ Art Angel while Cavaniglia tests our perception of space with new works using light and plastics in TAFE shopfront. Both participate in the City of Perth Winter Arts Season with commissioned interventions into public spaces in the CBD.

Consuelo Cavaniglia, Untitled, 2017, acrylic paint on gallery wall, 9.2 x 2.8 m


17 – 24 June


Our short courses in ceramics are thriving and these night-schoolers show that the ceramic arts are alive and kicking in a digital world