Sienkiewicz Pipes by Eduardo Patrício

Sienkiewicz Pipes by Eduardo Patrício

Dates:  21 -24 August  Opening times:  11 – 5 Wed – Fri, 11- 4 Sat

Showcase gallery corner Aberdeen and Beaufort St, Northbridge


Sienkiewicz Pipes is a soundscape based immersive installation. The piece aims to entangle sound and light pulses. A sequence of virtual rooms brings several potential rhythmic patterns arrangements which are to be discovered by the spectator/user. Like drops falling on pipes on a rainy day, Dripping Pipes, plays with the expectations of the listener that tends to, even if momentarily, internalise repetitive patterns and simple pulses and rearrange them with the current playing sounds in a complex network of cochlear and noncochlear events.

The rhythmic patterns on this piece are inspired by field recordings of a pipe system on a rainy day, made in the city of Poznan (Poland) in 2012.

Eduardo is a Brazilian composer-performer. He has a BA in Psychology, awarded by the Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil, another BA in Music Production and a MPhil in Music Theory and Composition, both awarded by Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. He is currently undertaking research at SARC in electroacoustic composition, focusing on its relationship to musical formalisms x improvisation, narrative and chronotopic arrangements.

SARC  – The Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) is a unique interdisciplinary facility which unites internationally recognised experts in the fields of musical composition, signal processing, Human Computer Interaction and auditory perception.  The Centre is established in a purpose-built facility located alongside the engineering departments of Queen’s University Belfast.

A work as part of the 2013 International Computer Music Conference