psychogeography perth

psychogeography perth

8-29 September

The story of a town  – how landscape and the built environment play off each other, how the place and the people knit together in Perth – the curbs and burbs that we love to hate.

Featuring photographic interventions into suburbia by Ian Strange and Mike Gray, photos of familiar icons and overlooked corners by Pablo Hughes and Robert Frith, Diokno Pasilan’s Northbridge sketches, a classic Joanna Lamb painting, an immersive sound walk through the Cultural Centre created by Perdita Phillips, sculpture reminiscent of brutalist architecture by Patrizia Tonello and construction by Mark Datodi,  a film, some old video and some boxes that look like local buildings made by young persons.

Curator: Thelma John

Catalogue Online


and here is the link to This is Perth by Vincenzo Perrella and Dan Osborn

Mike Gray, Knock Knock , 2014

Diokno Pasalin