Kids Art Classes

Our next Kids Art Classes will start 28 July and run for six Saturdays until 1 September.

The cost is – 6 weeks –  $170 with classes  on Saturdays in age groups: 7-10 at 9.30am, 2 classes spanning 9-15 at midday and a class 7-10 at 2.30pm.

The art classes are taught by qualified and experienced art lecturers who also take the participants on visits to our gallery during the course. The class for the older age group benefits students wishing to apply for a place at a Special Art School. We aim to develop skills in drawing, sketching & painting interspersed with a range of activities including ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, assemblage…
The purpose built art studios are centrally located & serviced by Blue CAT bus stop 8, plus within easy walking distance from the Perth train station, gallery, museum, library and cafes.
The class limit is 12 students. Classes run on Saturdays during term only.

we are also developing an art class for young adults with a disability aged 14 to 20 years to start 4 August on Saturdays. Contact us for more info.

Enrolments are not yet open but you can email us at or call us on: 9427 1318

We can alert you by email when it is time to enrol.

all enrolments will be done online and this info will below  assist you.

Please download THIS PDF guide – how to enrol – and follow it.  First, some advice ….
The top section of PDF guide to states: 1.Use Internet Explorer to open the link to the SMS Application Portal
When you click on “SMS Application Portal” link, it will open a new page – we suggest you right click and choose <open link in a new window>

Then you will have both the guide PDF and the “SMS Application Portal” open at the same time and can refer to the instructions while enrolling.

Register your child/children (if you have two or more they will all need a separate registration). Your password needs 8 characters.

Once registered you will get an email with the ID number, which you can use in future. But for now, once you register you will go to another page where you can look up the courses. We suggest you look for “children’s art”, with an apostrophe, as that will take you to a page with all 4 session for Kids Art Classes – for example if you just look for “art” or “children” you will get a lot more options and will have to scroll until you find our art classes

These are the choices and you can use the code to locate the class
SC-PAG-C2637 – Children’s art 7-10 year olds (9.30-11.30am)
SC-PAG-V1365 – Children’s art 9-11 yrs old (12:-2:pm)
SC-PAG-V1366 – Children’s art 11-15 year olds – (12-2pm)
SC-PAG-C2638 – Children’s art 7-10 yrs old (2:30pm-4:30pm)

Once you “add’  the course and press “next”, you will need to put more contact details. And then you can make online payment. But all this information is in the PDF guide.

Here is the message from NMTAFE about the payment:
We have recently introduced a new student management system and all of our course enrolments are now completed online. Course payments are also made online through the secure BPoint service. The payment options consist of either Visa or Mastercard, and mark the final step for enrolment. Should any synchronisation issues or page errors be experienced while attempting to finalise your payment within the BPoint window, please cease any further enrolment or payment attempts and contact 1300 300 822 or  for assistance. 
The enrolment guide that contains important information about the enrolment and payment processes is attached and will guide you through enrolling online.

We thank you for your  patience as we move to online enrolments  – problems can be encountered but we are here on 9427 1318 to help you.

Best regards,

Gallery Team