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Residency updates


Martine Perret stayed with us in February to prepare her wonderful exhibition for our main gallery –  Ngala Wongga – cultural significance of languages in the Goldfields – an immersive and multi-sensorial installation of sound and image drawing attention to the need to preserve at-risk Indigenous languages in the Goldfields of WA


Anne Zahalka, Turner Galleries Art Angel, stayed 27 FEB – 17 MARCH

Zahalka is one of Australia’s most highly regarded photo-media artists, having exhibited extensively 30 years. Her work has often explored cultural stereotyping – she deconstructs familiar images and re-presents them to allow other figures and stories to be told that reflect on cultural diversity, gender and difference within Australian society. The images from her exhibition wild life depict dioramas from the American Natural History Museum with contemporary elements introduced digitally to disrupt these preserved pristine worlds. While in Perth, Zahalka started to gather images and memories related to the photographs commonly taken in the CBD by street photographers thru the early and mid-20th century.










20 April – 6 May 

Neil Emmerson, a NZ based Australian artist, travelled from Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic to prepare and install his exhibition Flight in our gallery. Emmerson’s printmaking engages with the expanded field of sculptural and installation. His subject matter is political with a critical focus directed towards aspects of contemporary life. Flight was our best show of 2017!!










Brendan Van Hek and Consuelo Cavaniglia stayed with us 19 June – 13 July

Van Hek is Turner Galleries’ Art Angel while Cavaniglia tests our perception of space with new works using light and plastics in her own Turner show. Both participate in the City of Perth Winter Arts Season with commissioned interven­tions into CBD public spaces – empty shops in Plaza and Piccadilly Arcade


Elaine Reynolds stayed 17-31 July

Reynolds, PICA artist in residence from the UK is in Perth to develop work spanning moving image, historical photographic processes and sculptural installation from research that examines cycles of migration from Ireland to WA, as well as the impact of the extractive industries in the region.


NON RESIDENTIAL – Others with shopfront shows or installations were ……

We started 2017 with two recent Graduates-inResidence working in the studios, Luke Kelleher and Leona Hilz. Both graduated from TAFE Visual Art in 2016 and took the opportunity to keep up the momentum achieved during their studies. For Leona that meant investigating the connection between memory and physical form using found objects as anchors and triggers for emotional recollection.

In March, French born WA based Christophe Canato moved in for 3 weeks to use the studio to develop his new body of work researching the place of the male gender in contemporary western countries within diverse contexts such as politics, religion, science or sexual orientation. Canato brings a background in fashion and commercial photography to his work as an artist in photomedia. His photographs are not portraits but portrayals. It is not biography that they unfold so much as a state of being.












Confluence by Boris Milas and Natalie Blom showed in April – photography navigating WA from two contrasting perspectives.   Blom was born and raised in a small Wheatbelt community, while Milas was in born in Bosnia, immigrating to Australia as a teenager. Both artists favour the external medium of landscape photography as an exploration of self and selfhood.


In May we welcomed Bruno Booth.

Booth is a graduate and lecturer of graphic design at TAFE, as well as a multi-disciplinary artist whose work bounces between 2 and 3D. His bold, vibrating colours, applied as a refined gradient, reinforce the phys­icality and craftsmanship of his large, graphic structures, distorted by a subtle anamorphic perspective. This residency leads to Bruno’s solo show at gallery central, Trying to be social.


Super Nature by Ned Reilly and Sharon White showed 8 – 17 June

Exploring the mechanics of the Anthropocene and our expectations of the natural world – Ned repurposes imagery while Sharon has collected insect samples and field recordings. These two also graduated from TAFE in recent years.


Paintings by Drew Armstrong and works on paper by Elsie Lapelerie in NOWHEREISPERFECT. Is here perfect now or is nowhere perfect? Big questions to contemplate. 20 July – 4 Aug.


WAFTA 7-25 August

WA Fibre Textile Association’s place textile women into our studios with lunchtime talks – this year we had the pleasure of getting to know Liz Arnold and Robi Szalay and their works.


Gary Parris, an art graduate of ours from 2016 heavily immersed in the art of photography set up studio to sculpt, document light and look at visual perception for September.


1-30 September

Erica Huang Taipei Curatorial exchange, Turner Galleries


2-15 Oct Lucas Grogan showing with art angels, Turner Galleries


Then we have PICA artist Clare Milledge, Denmark (WA) based Jennie Newman, explores photogram techniques 15-30 Nov.



In April, Sheyi Bankale from London was here as a PICA resident,  working on feasibility of producing a special Perth theme edition of the journal Next Level, promoting Perth’s artistic talent and visual art events.

Next Level launched in 2002 and has gone on to become one of Europe’s leading art photography journals. Sheyi Bankale’s work through Next Level focuses on important distinctions in local identity as the building blocks served to characterise the impact of contemporary photography, and to engage new audiences.  As artist-as-editor, Sheyi Bankale designed Next Level to shape a new photographic landscape exploring the complex paradigms of the local through artworks, so that others discover and through engagement address existing aesthetic and cultural situations.

In May TURNER GALLERY artangel Robert Hague was our guest.

October – we welcomed David Rosetzky as TURNER GALLERY artangel.

Zora Kreuzer was the Basel artist in 2014 at artsource, back in Perth temporarily, and stayed with us.

August and September brought TAFE graduate, the talented Mr Ian Strange, visual artist, video artist, street artist, back to town to complete some research towards a book and a series of ABC iview docos, http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/art-bites-home-the-art-of-ian-strange/AC1525W001S00

In November, Yi-Wen Liu was living and showing with us.  Wenny was one of the outstanding TAFE grads of 2015. She returned to present Belongingness, where she explored what it is to belong, and how that struggle can bind as well as liberate in her sculptural and live works. 

21 Nov to 31 Dec – Tom Blake was a PICA visiting artist, and we can’t wait to see him back in 2017.

Others with shopfront shows or installations were water collecting in Carry Me with Dr Perdita Phillips; staff member Rhett Jones knocking a few planks together; Chris Cobilis created Ghost Of Record Store, a sound installation artwork commissioned by the Perth Public Art Foundation; Toygetherness – Telling Perth’s toy stories by ECU PhD candidate photographer DeeDee Noon –  a photobooth research project; Animate Objects by Emily ten Raa featuring native wildlife as icons, Glory Hole by Brent Harrison and Shannon McCulloch explored male archetypes, including a nausea inducing video work (with wine cask); Interface subverted the traditionally feminine form of textiles with contributions from Carla Adams, Anna Dunnill, Kate Power, Mariaan Pugh, Jessica Tan, Gemma Weston and Melissa McGrath for 2016 Fringe World Festival; BLEND 43 – new work by James Cooper;  Jess Boyce, Jazmin Mckechnie and writer Sarah Wood collaborated on a touch show; Kristen Brownfield interrogated the space in Teeter; Grad Cherish Marrington’s first solo show of erotic drawings, Unclean & Hateful Birds, was a sensation and a sell out; cocomanonxkotai  by Talia Teoh & Anna Kotai comprised large scale macrame pieces and hand stitched textiles and WAFTA’s textile women set up shop with lunchtime talks that included Louise Wells, Anne Williams, Margaret Ford, Joyce Tasma, Rowan Rovere, Pauline White, Lyn Brown, Pauline O’Brien, Patricia Newman-Bruton with residencies as well by Julia Sutton & Jayne Argent – weaving on & off the loom and  Kerrie Argent & Annette Nykiel book-binding & stitching/eco-dyeing & basketry – they will also be back in 2017.

What a great year!


Chris Cobilis – Ghost of a Record Store


October  Christian Thompson 

art angel for Turner Galleries


The unsettling eros of contact zones, and other stories

PhD candidate, SymbioticA, School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology, University of WA explores what it means to be human when we recognise our bodies as multi-species ecologies, with a particular focus on the relationships between Homo sapiens and Candida albicans. Tarsh uses scientific and artistic methodologies to explore physical, emotional, cultural and political relationships between humans and Candida. Works comprise sculptural, photographic and filmic works, as well as organisms.

This exhibition will be part of the program for NeoLife, the inaugural conference for the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Rest of the World, and the National Experimental Arts Forum, both being organised by SymbioticA.


5 – 9 October

Exhibitions as part of the program for NeoLife, the inaugural conference for the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Rest of the World, and the National Experimental Arts Forum, both being organised by SymbioticA.


1 October – 7 October

The unsettling eros of contact zones, and other stories

Tarsh Bates explores what it means to be human when we recognise our bodies as multi-species ecologies, with a particular focus on the relationships between Homo sapiens and Candida albicans. Bates uses scientific and artistic methodologies to explore physical, emotional, cultural and political relationships between humans and Candida. Works comprise sculptural, photographic and filmic works, as well as organisms. These works were developed during Bates’ PhD research at SymbioticA and the University of Western Australia. Open 10-4 daily.

Self portrait with candida

Self portrait with candida

August Phillip Hunter and Vera Moller

art angels for Turner Galleries

July HYPO by  Mathew Dickson

Graduating from Central in 2013, Mathew Dickson’s multimedia practice is grounded in Bruno Latour’s scientific  theory of Blackboxing in which technology, through its  ongoing success, renders itself invisible.

Mathew examines the symbiotic relationship between technology and the uncanny. Drawing upon parapsychology and everyday technological objects to inform his work, Mathew’s resulting installation summons technology to reveal its supernatural nature.  photo by Max Kordyl

hypo Mathew Dickson IMG by Max Kordyl   hypo



July Laura Potter  and Norman Cherry

UK jewellers exhibiting TRANSPLANTATION  at Gallery Central + workshops


exhibiting TRAPPED at Gallery Central

Ghost net, raffia and desert grass - weaving at Revealed

May Gianni Denitto

In collaboration with the Italian Consul, Italian saxophonist Gianni Denitto was in residence for 2 weeks. He spent 2 days with our students, he performed here for Italian National Day and he composed a work for us.  As well he featured in the Perth Jazz Festival

March   Kate Shaw art angel for Turner Galleries January February  
Ian Strange a residency over the summer by our Graduate Ian Strange towards a new body of work using film,photo and  interventions into suburban houses.http://www.form.net.au/2015/04/ian-strange-shadow-exhibition-opening/
IAN STRANGE Christchurch



performance outcomes at PICA happening in 2015 march 16-28 … dont miss it!


zebra screen WED 11 DEC

July to November

F WORD  artist Stuart MacFarlane  

Joan Ross Turner Galleries Art Angel

Bronek Kozka came back to show at PCP and conducted a lighting workshop and create another image in the series shot in the shopfront, disguised as an office and and using some of our stylish pre-loved residency furniture.

Bronek Kozka2014

three minutes to five; it's time by Bronek KOZKA

three minutes to five; it’s time by Bronek KOZKA 2012

Lauren Broom, Rose Barrett, Max Newport, Angela Nie  Central graduates used the studio

-Ismsby Pablo Hughes

photos from Vietnam that challenges traditional notions of beauty.

2_ISMS_anarchism by Pablo Hughes, digital photo

 Marcel Cousins  Turner Galleries Art Angel

Ting-Chun Chen  – City of Perth artist exchange with Taipei Artist in Residence

Ting_backarea 670

The Yok and Sheryo with Turner Galleries Art Angels


Danielle Freakley  – PICA artist in RES

Linda Banazis – exhibition



Fleur Elise Noble working with Perth Theatre Company


Taipei and Perth Sister City Artist Exchange


Yuhsin U Chang’s sculpture work is often ephemeral employing material such as dust or charcoal to mimic natural forms. Each year the City of Perth either sends a Perth artist to Taipei Artist Village or hosts a Taiwanese artist for 2 months in collaboration with Central .http://www.yuhsinuchang.com/

17 June –  30 June



mid June onwards

Gail Hastings

Perthume as part of Transart – Grace Gamage and Olivia O’Donnell

studio spaces for  DADAA artists

Maia Marinelli from USA for Sculpture by the Sea


18 Feb to 2 March PIAF

My Name Is Raj by Srinivas Krishna

A photo-media installation with family photos from early 20th century India and a digital photo booth. Based on the Bollywood feature films directed and starring Raj Kapoor, Awara (1951) and Shree 420 (1955), this show invites the viewer to participate. Presented by the Perth International Arts Festival.

photo work: Kyle Grey and Andrew Winter; courtesy of Divani Films Inc.


The Drawing Room by Oliver Stretton-Pow

The Uncanny Edge by Bridget Nicholson


Visiting artist Bridget Nicholson invites people to allow her to wrap their feet in clay while they tell their story and reflect on their emotional relationship to the land. www.touchthisearthlightly.com