149 Beaufort Street, Perth, Western Australia

North Metro TAFE (formerly Central) operates an Artist-in-Residence located within the School of Creative Industries at 12 Aberdeen Street, Perth.The Artist-in-Residence fronts Beaufort Street and comprises living quarters: a kitchen, laundry, bathroom, living area and office. In addition a spacious studio is attached: three rooms with a separate entry including studio space and a shopfront display area. The residency is located within the cultural centre precinct, within close walking distance to the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), the Alexander Library, the WA Museum and the entertainment and dining mecca of Northbridge.

Proposals from designers, artists, craft and media practitioners, musicians and organisations who wish to apply to use the premises are invited. Successful applicants may contribute to the ongoing education program of the Central Institute of Technology students by exhibiting their work in the Gallery Central the shopfront and/or conducting public programs such as artist talks and workshops for students and the wider community. Central  does not provide travel or artist fees and exhibitions need to be self funded. Central Institute of Technology in Perth, have highly respected art, design and media courses with outstanding graduates.

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Animate Objects by Emily ten Raa

June 23 – July 3, Wed- Sun  2 – 7 pm

WA native wildlife is rarely sighted, as many animals are nocturnal, small and hidden from view.  Emily ten Raa’s 3-panelled miniature icons in salvaged local woods depict our native animals in the tradition of Ethiopian religious icons.

Devil Bird by Emily ten Raa

Devil Bird by Emily ten Raa

Robert Hague – art angel for Turner Galleries – MAY

Sheyi Bankale

29 March – 29 April, 2016

Curator and writer from London, Sheyi Bankale will be in residence with us and PICA to develop and publish a special Perth edition of UK photographic journal, Next Level. Using the studio as a primary platform for collaborating and publishing, Bankale will generate an exciting exchange between UK and Australian networks and create new cultural narratives. The Perth edition will be locally specific and globally visible, contributing to the discourse around photography today.


October  Christian Thompson 

art angel for Turner Galleries


This exhibition will be part of the program for NeoLife, the inaugural conference for the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Rest of the World, and the National Experimental Arts Forum, both being organised by SymbioticA.

1 October – 7 October

The unsettling eros of contact zones, and other stories

Tarsh Bates explores what it means to be human when we recognise our bodies as multi-species ecologies, with a particular focus on the relationships between Homo sapiens and Candida albicans. Bates uses scientific and artistic methodologies to explore physical, emotional, cultural and political relationships between humans and Candida. Works comprise sculptural, photographic and filmic works, as well as organisms. These works were developed during Bates’ PhD research at SymbioticA and the University of Western Australia. Open 10-4 daily.

Self portrait with candida

Self portrait with candida

August Phillip Hunter and Vera Moller  art angels for Turner Galleries

July HYPO by  Mathew Dickson

Graduating from Central in 2013, Mathew Dickson’s multimedia practice is grounded in Bruno Latour’s scientific  theory of Blackboxing in which technology, through its  ongoing success, renders itself invisible.

Mathew examines the symbiotic relationship between technology and the uncanny. Drawing upon parapsychology and everyday technological objects to inform his work, Mathew’s resulting installation summons technology to reveal its supernatural nature.  photo by Max Kordyl

hypo Mathew Dickson IMG by Max Kordyl   hypo


July Laura Potter  and Norman Cherry

UK jewellers exhibiting TRANSPLANTATION  at Gallery Central + workshops


exhibiting TRAPPED at Gallery Central

Ghost net, raffia and desert grass - weaving at Revealed

May Gianni Denitto

In collaboration with the Italian Consul, Italian saxophonist Gianni Denitto was in residence for 2 weeks. He spent 2 days with our students, he performed here for Italian National Day and he composed a work for us.  As well he featured in the Perth Jazz Festival

March   Kate Shaw art angel for Turner Galleries
January February  Ian Strangea residency over the summer by our Graduate Ian Strange towards a new body of work using film,photo and  interventions into suburban houses. STRANGE Christchurch


Fleur Elise Noble working with Perth Theatre Company and Tina Torabi – 

performance outcomes at PICA  march 2015


zebra screen WED 11 DEC

July to November

F WORD  artist Stuart MacFarlane  

Joan Ross Turner Galleries Art Angel

Bronek Kozka came back to show at PCP and conducted a lighting workshop and create another image in the series shot in the shopfront, disguised as an office and and using some of our stylish pre-loved residency furniture.

Bronek Kozka2014

three minutes to five; it's time by Bronek KOZKA

three minutes to five; it’s time by Bronek KOZKA 2012

Lauren Broom, Rose Barrett, Max Newport, Angela Nie  Central graduates used the studio

-Ismsby Pablo Hughes

photos from Vietnam that challenges traditional notions of beauty.

2_ISMS_anarchism by Pablo Hughes, digital photo

 Marcel Cousins  Turner Galleries Art Angel

Ting-Chun Chen  – City of Perth artist exchange with Taipei Artist in Residence

Ting_backarea 670

The Yok and Sheryo with Turner Galleries Art Angels


Danielle Freakley  – PICA artist in RES

Linda Banazis – exhibition


Operation Zebra

Fleur Elise Noble working with Perth Theatre Company

Yuhsin U Chang – White Mystery

Taipei and Perth Sister City Artist Exchange


Yuhsin U Chang’s sculpture work is often ephemeral employing material such as dust or charcoal to mimic natural forms. Each year the City of Perth either sends a Perth artist to Taipei Artist Village or hosts a Taiwanese artist for 2 months in collaboration with Central .

17 June –  30 June


mid June onwards

Gail Hastings

Perthume as part of Transart – Grace Gamage and Olivia O’Donnell

studio spaces for  DADAA artists

Maia Marinelli from USA for Sculpture by the Sea 

18 Feb to 2 March PIAF

My Name Is Raj by Srinivas Krishna

A photo-media installation with family photos from early 20th century India and a digital photo booth. Based on the Bollywood feature films directed and starring Raj Kapoor, Awara (1951) and Shree 420 (1955), this show invites the viewer to participate. Presented by the Perth International Arts Festival.

photo work: Kyle Grey and Andrew Winter; courtesy of Divani Films Inc.


The Drawing Room by Oliver Stretton-Pow

The Uncanny Edge by Bridget Nicholson


Visiting artist Bridget Nicholson invites people to allow her to wrap their feet in clay while they tell their story and reflect on their emotional relationship to the land.

Bronek Kozka

in collaboration with Turner Galleries and FotoFreo, Melbourne artist Bronek Kozka stayed with us and shot this image using our shopfront and some of our stylish pre-loved residency furniture.


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