24 August – 8 September    

Our dedicated art and design lecturers and technicians play a crucial role in shaping the cultural life of not just our school but our state as they guide emerging artists and designers through their studies year after year.

The excellent work of our staff contributes to the reputation of our art school at NM TAFE as a centre for excellence, while the work they make out of school and their exhibiting practice demonstrated their currency as practicing artists and designers.

They are leaders in best practice and contribute by example to flexible and creative learning processes. Our students and our staff are recognised with awards way beyond the TAFE world.

After Class shows off the talent of lecturing and technical staff – their creative work underpins their lecturing practice and this exhibition provides an insight into the how and why of the work they make out of class.


Featuring the exquisite jewellery work of former student, now NMTAFE jewellery technician Fatemah Boroujeni Hafshejani alongside masters Sam Farmer, Peter Keep and Alister Yiap. Playful upcycled graphic works of Jay Scroop and political poster art of Brendan Hibbert (Design lecturers). Digital works by Product Design lecturer Eric Schneider with workbooks by 3D technician Stuart Clipston. Stunning and evocative prints by art lecturers Dallas Perry and Monique Bosshard Curby alongside kinetic construction by Matt Dickmann and sculpture by Jurek Wybraniec and Susan Flavell. Ceramics from installation to object by Bela Kotai, Njalikwa Chongwe and Cher Shackleton. Fashion by Anna Kotai, Kristie Barnett and Neil Sheriff with textiles by Vicki Ames and screen print by Robin Alexander. Photography by Perdita Phillips, Jeff Atkinson and Jules Tennant.  And many more as well. Much of the work is for sale.

Come by and see for yourself the hotbed of creativity that is art and design at NMTAFE. And why we are so proud of the work our staff make after class.

image: Monique Bosshard Curby In Search of Lost Time, cyanotype