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5 – 9 October

Exhibitions as part of the program for NeoLife, the inaugural conference for the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Rest of the World, and the National Experimental Arts Forum, both being organised by SymbioticA.


1 October – 7 October

The unsettling eros of contact zones, and other stories

Tarsh Bates explores what it means to be human when we recognise our bodies as multi-species ecologies, with a particular focus on the relationships between Homo sapiens and Candida albicans. Bates uses scientific and artistic methodologies to explore physical, emotional, cultural and political relationships between humans and Candida. Works comprise sculptural, photographic and filmic works, as well as organisms. These works were developed during Bates’ PhD research at SymbioticA and the University of Western Australia. Open 10-4 daily.

Self portrait with candida

Self portrait with candida


Billy Blue Exhibition – The Second Chapter

15 – 17 October

Students of the Degree of Interior Design (Commercial), run in partnership between Central and the Billy Blue College of Design, celebrate a learning journey which is industry driven providing students the valuable skills to create state of the art commercial interiors. This course engages the student with contemporary theory, while at the same, providing the practical experience to represent spatial environments.

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No Second Prize

2 – 11 Nov

Recent disclosures of unethical practices in dog and horse racing have generated outrage and in response artists concerned for the welfare of all animals show works. (Non) punters are invited to a celebratory event that provides a ‘sweepstake free’ alternative to the near ubiquitous Melbourne Cup luncheons. Proceeds donated to an accredited horse rescue facility. Curator Sue Starcken.


Coming to the Shopfront 12-18 November

Ian Williams  and David ledger

Mind Games

Ian Williams and David Ledger explore imagined spaces within the field of painting. Fictional spaces meet  virtual with reality somewhere in betwee


Coming to the Gallery Central in November

A season of graduate exhibitions – Creative Industries




Perth Artist Trevor Richards has applied his striking designs to the windows of five old shopfronts on Beaufort Street between Aberdeen and Newcastle, adjacent to Central Institute.
The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority and Gallery Central have commissioned Richards to create a strip of geometric designs linking the spaces and enlivening the disused shops. Richards completed the first shop window in early 2013 with a design derived from a floor tile pattern discovered at the New Norcia Hotel, formerly a Benedictine Hostel.  All the designs are inspired by mosaic tile patterns from churches and other buildings around the world.