Polygraphics: Walking the Line

9 – 28   MAY

10-4.45 m-f, 1-4 sat

Taking their cue from the polygraph machine and the phrase “walk the line”, artists visually and conceptually explore line as a fallible disseminator of truth. Through a diverse spectrum of visual arts practice, the unfettered, progressive, illusory or indeterminate readings of line are presented as having both the potential to hinder or empower the meaning of work.

Curated by Anna Nazzari, featuring new works by Tori Pattinson, Erin Coates, Anna Nazzari, Ryan Nazzari, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Alex Spremberg, Marzena Topka, Tanisha Burtnyk, Clare Peake, Fiona Harman and Andrew Nicholls

AlexSpremberg_TestObject2 AlexSpremberg TestObject2


Perth Artist Trevor Richards has applied his striking designs to the windows of five old shopfronts on Beaufort Street between Aberdeen and Newcastle, adjacent to Central Institute.
The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority and Gallery Central have commissioned Richards to create a strip of geometric designs linking the spaces and enlivening the disused shops. Richards completed the first shop window in early 2013 with a design derived from a floor tile pattern discovered at the New Norcia Hotel, formerly a Benedictine Hostel.  All the designs are inspired by mosaic tile patterns from churches and other buildings around the world.